Worship is a Toronto-based independent design studio founded by Nicolas Girard and Rafael Ruiz.

We work with directors, brands, and agencies on visual communication projects, film and TV titles, identity and motion design.

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Semi Permanent 2018

Client: Semi Permanent

Year: 2018

Semi Permanent 2018

Semi Permanent is a global creative and design thinking platform based on Sydney, Australia. Each year, they throw a live event that celebrates their community of over 400,000 community members.

For 2018, the theme was “creative tension as inspiration”: moments of positive and negative friction that come before a breakthrough. Director Joyce N. Ho was tasked to explore this theme in her opening titles—inviting Worship to join a global team of designers and artists she curated to create the typography for the sequence.

Inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s work, the titles delve into a microscopic world and brings to life the real beauty of this unseen world.

Joyce N. Ho - Director


Main Title

Title Development.

Type Design & Animation

Type Design
Rafael Ruiz

Nicolas Girard, Rafael Ruiz

Worship Producer
Greg Benedetto

Production assisstant
Jay Lee

GT America by Grilli Type
Directed & Produced by
Joyce N. Ho

Music & Sound Design
Ambrose Yu

Design & Animation
William Arnold
Nidia Dias
Joyce N. Ho
Somei Sun
Joel Watkins
Davy Evans

Alex Gee

Mercy Lomelin

Additional Animation
Hayato Yamane
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