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Champions Tour 2021

Client: Riot Games

Year: 2021

Champions Tour 2021


Following the work we had done for the launch of Valorant in June 2020, Riot Games invited us again to assist in establishing a brand new look for Valorant’s forthcoming entry in the esports scene.

Preceded by FIRST STRIKE, Valorant’s first ever official competitive broadcast, the VALORANT CHAMPIONS TOUR is a year-long circuit consisting of three stages of tournaments — CHALLENGERS & MASTERS rounds, whose winners will be crowned in the CHAMPIONS round at the end of the year.

Working closely with the VCT brand team, we established a versatile design system and motion toolkits to make it easy for broadcasters, vendors, design studios and streamers across the world to understand the brand and make content for VCT all year long.

Each of the 4 stages follow a single overarching design structure, but each have their own graphic language, calligraphy, color palette and key graphic assets.

Below is a breakdown of the design direction for the CHALLENGERS event.

– The art direction and animation toolkit consist of library of assets built for broadcasters to use for their regional event, in some cases, physical stage graphics. VCT Europe stage shown below.

Client Creative / Creative Direction:
Riot Games global esports

Riot Games

VCT Logo:
Cory Schmitz

Design and animation by Worship:

Rafael Ruiz, Nicolas Girard, Jay Lee, Gary Samson, Duong Nguyen, Pablo Lozano

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